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I am not an influencer, I’m an encourager. I want to encourage you to be brave, to try new things, see the world and embrace the curios soul and free spirit that you really are inside. Let’s be travelers not tourists.

Professional content is a must to make people dream, especially in the luxury travel industry powerful images and inspiring style is key. Fully equipped with my Canon 7D and DJI Drone I create engaging and captivating travel images for my  T&T website and Instagram @travel.and.treasures. While I am out exploring new places I don't do one step without my camera. Passing on my skills and knowledge is important to me, social media means community! I give keynote speeches and teach companies and individuals how to get the ball rolling. When I am at home in Munich, I give lectures on Social Media Marketing and B2B Influencer Marketing at MMA, the renowned Munich Marketing Academy. Check them out here

Our Story

Travel & Treasures on the road

Somewhere in between my work in Marketing, PR and Photography I have started to feel an itch to create my own platform, full of things and places I love and treasure. On my trips around the world - some glamorous, some real heavy backpacking- I'm collecting inspiration for T&T to share tips and highlights with you, my audience. Traveling to me means to fully immerse myself into culture, flavors, nature and colors.

I love seeing things from a different angle with my drone, get real close with my camera or capture the entire memory with a Virtual Reality 360 video so we can all live through my travel experiences together.

Join the T&T family and let's explore the world. So much to see - so little time.

Work with me, yours truly T&T

Curious about a collaboration or a photoshoot to create great content for your own social media presence? If you are interested in working with Travel & Treasures, feel free to reach out to me and download the official T&T media kit here

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