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Oman - Land of Peace & Tradition

Shangri La al Husn Resort Muscat Oman

The Sultanate of Oman, a travel secret well kept to the masses and only known to those seeking to experience a wonderful combination of ageless heritage and modern culture.

Being the oldest independent state in the Arab World, Oman has embraced a modern and contemporary lifestyle while maintaining the core aspects of its culture, traditions and heritage deeply rooted within its people. The Sultanate’s proud heritage and history of seafaring, trading and exploration makes Oman the perfect travel destination for those seeking an authentic Arabian experience, love photography and get a real taste of this beautiful destination. Did you know that Oman is one of the safest countries in the world?

The strategic position of Oman at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula, the country has always played a major role in trade throughout history. This would include the ancient Silk Road and Spice Routes where the Sultanate used to serve as a gateway for ships traversing the Strait of Hormuz, Indian Ocean or the Arabian Sea. Oman and its capital Muscat have so much to offer and certainly will satisfy any traveler’s taste. Enjoy morning Yoga above the clouds, hike canyons, swim in turquoise sinkholes, shop the colorful souk or let your mind and feet wander as far as the eyes can see in the Wadi Desert horizons.

Little did I know before my solo-travel trip to Oman that people are in fact the friendliest and most welcoming I’ve experienced so far in the entire Middle East. Being a female single traveler sometimes means I have to be cautious but during my entire trip I always felt safe and warmly welcomed by everyone I crossed paths with- be it the luxury hotel concierge, the traditional fishermen or the mountain goat herder; everyone was so friendly and nice. It was apparent that the Omani people take a lot of pride in their traditions and it gives them great joy to tell the tales of their peaceful land and share their culture and heritage with visitors. I went to explore the capital Muscat and visited the Al Qaboos Grand Mosque, the Mutrah Souk, the Royal Palace and the traditional fish market. Also I went to see the majestic cliffs of Barr al Jissah with great views and salty sea breezes but in contrast to the warm and sandy areas around Muscat I also went to experience the iconic mountain and canyon region around Al Jabar Al Akhdar, also called The Green Mountain due to its many farms and hill terraces but also for the expensive roses that would perfume the entire region with its elegant scent during Rose Season in March.

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