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Travel & Treasures Lightroom Preset Before & After

Preset #12 - Traditions

First of all, thank you for checking out my presets. They're basically desktop filters as you know them from apps like instagram or VSCO. With one click, the entire image transforms and looks stunning. I hope they will help you achieve your goals in elevating your photography game. Over the years of editing thousands of photos in Lightroom I have created a set my favorite presets. They are incredibly easy to use and will surely improve your workflow. Where you used to spend hours in editing colors, highlights and sharpness, my presets will take that work off you. I have developed the selection of handcrafted preset filters   with much love and attention to detail- most of the time you will simply need to adjust the brightness and color temperature a bit here and there but that's it. They have been curated to make your lives as photographers easier and more exciting, after all, we want to be outside shooting rather than being stuck on the computer with post-production. Let's get to work!

Travel & Treasures Lightroom Preset Before & After

Preset #10 - Treasures

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